What Sports Pay the Most? – A Short List of the Most Paid Sports

Getting a job as a professional athlete requires a lot of hard work and dedication. All that sweat should amount to a lot of money, right? It depends on which professional sport you are playing, of course. Not all sports pay the same, and that is especially true for sports that have low media coverage or are not as popular. It is not that some sports are better than others, it is just that there are just some sports that attract more fans who like to cheer for their favorite team or even bet on them online with bet365 kod bonus.

Here is a list of the sports that pay the most.

The Premier League (Football/Soccer)

Depending on where you live, football or soccer pays a lot. What will surprise most European football fans is that the average salaries of professional football players are not as high as those of their fellow stars, or even anywhere near their salaries. The average salary for the Premier League is 1,6 million US dollars per year. Some star players get a lot more, 16 million dollars for Wayne Rooney or 111 million dollars for Lionel Messi. Not every player gets the same amount of money, but on average, the Premier League isn’t a bad investment for a professional to be.

American Football – NFL

The NFL has a lot of high-paid athletes, specifically some stars. Just like football, the NFL also has superstars which get gigantic salaries. The average NFL salary, however, is 2 million dollars and is a nice start. Aaron Rogers earns about 75 million dollars a year, while Matt Ryan earns about 57 million dollars. A rising athlete can look at the NFL as a promising career path.

Ice Hockey – NHL

Ice hockey is very popular in Canada and the United States and even in Europe. It is one of the highest-paying professional sports. Even though the NHL does not create nearly as much revenue as the NFL or the NBA, for example, they still pay their players a lot. The reason for that is that there are not as many teams or as many players in the NHL. The average salary is 2,58 million dollars but can go as high as 14 million dollars for Shea Webber or 13,8 for Patrick Kane.

Baseball – MLB

Baseball is a very popular sport in America and pays even more money than the NHL. Baseball has a very good system of advertisements and has been increasing its popularity and revenue for the past 16 years. The average salary for an MLB player is 3,58 million dollars. Some of the highest-paid baseball players, at least for 2017, are Clayton Kershaw at 33 million dollars, Zack Greinke at 31,8 million dollars, and David Price at 30 million dollars.

Basketball – NBA

NBA is very popular and pays a lot of money, which isn’t really that surprising, considering all the attention it gets, in media and in movies. The average salary for an NBA player is 4,9 million dollars. Some NBA players earn a lot more, for example, Stephen Curry’s salary for the 2018/2019 season was 37,5 million dollars, without endorsements. The top 10 NBA players’ salaries do not go below 30 million dollars. This is the highest paying sport, on average.

If you want to play a sport and earn a lot of money, basketball, football, American football, baseball, and ice hockey are the best choices. Tennis is also a great example, especially if you are at the top of the ladder.