Fun Activities to Exercise Your Brain

We are taught from a very young age that staying active is important for our health. This thought is propagated by our health organizations, as it should be; there are over a thousand researches proving them right. However, what often goes unmentioned is our mental wellbeing, which is incredibly important too! Whether we’re spending time on our own, communicating with others, taking care of others, playing games, or using bet365 promotional code, it is important that we are both physically and mentally healthy. While there are multiple suggestions on what to do to better your physical health, here are some tips on what activities to do to exercise your brain:


The Latin saying for “in a healthy body is a healthy mind” wouldn’t still be used if it didn’t hold onto some truth. Whenever our body is feeling fragile (either from a low impact or a full impact trauma) our brain sends some mixed signals. We are often feeling helpless, which can sometimes, if prolonged, result in dysfunctional workings of the brain. Like the rest of our body, our brain needs movement in order to function properly. 

According to your age and the advice you get from your doctor, you should try to be active every day – take a walk, run a mile or less, do some aerobic exercises to keep your body and, most importantly brain, fit and sharp.


Puzzle games have been proven to work very well with keeping our brains sharp. With these games, whether it’s a crossword, sudoku or a jigsaw, you practice placing one element in the greater picture, and in that way, you exercise your brain. These games ask for a lot of concentration and thinking out of the box, which can only be beneficial to your brain.


It is not only you who will be happy if you learn something new, it’s your brain too.

By picking up a new hobby, you’re allowing your brain to create new links in itself; links that will later be used for the production of the hobby. In order for your brain to create these new links, it needs to be active – you need to take time to pick up a skill, and so does your brain. The more you practice your new hobby, the more active your brain will be, which is ideal for your brain!


Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways you can exercise your brain is by socializing. It seems to work mainly because we are social beings, but also because a great part of socializing is the invention of sentences, which ends in, you guessed it, brain productivity. Generally, you always produce new sentences when you are taking part in any conversation, which seems to be a small thing, but it really isn’t. By choosing new words to explain the same scenario, you are creating new paths in your brain that haven’t existed prior to your conversation. Simply put, being productive makes your brain healthier!