Top Apps for Those Who Love to Travel Around The World

Travelling is without a doubt an amazing hobby, and anything that can improve the whole experience should be a welcome addition. Things that made our lives significantly easier are apps, and we basically use them every day. Just like Netbet bonus can make sports betting a more entertaining experience, there are certain travel apps that can make your trip to a foreign country a lot better.  


Considering how Google Play and Apps store are an endless sea of different applications, we will prepare a shortlist of what are seemingly the most useful apps to have installed during your trip. Here are some of the best apps for enthusiastic tourists who cannot wait to decide where they will go next. 


Perhaps this entry is a bit obvious, but we must all agree that any trip or journey can be more fulfilling if you get a chance to read along the way. Sure there will be lots of things to do once you reach your destination, but until you get there it’s just clouds or highway, or open sea, in other words, not much to see. These are ideal conditions for you to flip through the pages of a book you always wanted to read. The best thing about it is that you don’t even need a Kindle device, all you need is the app.  


Planning your journey and arrivals can be a bit tedious, given how each airline might require you to use their website, or app in order to be up to date with the schedule. With FlightAware, you can easily track down different flights, know if there will be any delays, and also receive some relevant alerts that might come in handy. 


We all love to visit exotic locations, but sooner or later, we encounter language barriers and start to have trouble figuring out what is what. Well, Duolingo has been around for quite some time, and it’s quite a reliable app to have if you wish to learn some basics of a foreign language. Moreover, if you end up at StarTrack convection by some chance, you can learn Klingon, and fit in, to an extent. 

SAS Survival Guide

This is one of those apps that you don’t necessarily have to use in a high-stakes situation, although it can come in handy if you end up lost in the wilderness. Still, if you plan to go camping learning how to start a fire, and to communicate using Morse code can be fun. Sure there are more advanced means to do all of these things, but if you wish to have a more authentic survival experience SAS Survival Guide should be your go-to solution. The app features lots of survival guides and tips, and it was created by soldiers and survival instructors, so these are all legit. 

Flush – toilet finder

No need to explain why this can come in handy. In a foreign environment, we are exposed to bacteria that our stomachs are not familiar with. In other words, you might get in a situation where you need to find a toilet as fast as possible, and you’ll be so happy that you installed this app in advance.