5 Jobs That Involve Travel Time

Many jobs these days involve quite a bit of traveling, but sometimes you won’t even know that until you’ve already started the job! So whether you’re terrified of flying and don’t ever want to travel for work, or you’ve been bitten with the travel bug and would love the opportunity to travel while getting paid, it’s important to know which jobs involve some of the most traveling.

Teaching English Abroad

So this one might not be too surprising, but teaching English in a foreign country will allow you to travel the world. There are many options, as well, including places such as Italy, South Korea, and China. Most jobs require a commitment of 1-2 years, but there are plenty of options out there you’re likely to find one that fits your needs.


While you can choose to work as a travel writer if you really want to travel, most other writers (novelists, news-writers/journalists, etc.) will also get a chance to travel as an innate aspect of the career. If you want to be a travel writer for a particular location/culture, learning that language and immersing yourself in the culture beforehand will certainly help you land the job.

Public Relations

You may have thought that PR folks stayed in their cubicles, shielding calls and emails from the media all day. While there certainly is some of that typical office-setting work, they will also be involved with planning and hosting events for clients, visiting clients that may not be nearby, visiting potential partners for their clients, and more. Someone in this industry may even be tasked with “scouting” trips in which they travel to one or multiple locations to scout out the best locations (including hotels and restaurants) for a current or potential client.

Regional Sales Representative

This career generally involves less international and long-distance traveling and more traveling by car. However, the amount of travel will depend on the product you sell, the company you represent, and the size of your region. For example, some industries have a region that includes Southern California plus all of Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. Similarly, other industries may have a region that includes just the Los Angeles area, or only parts of it.

Charities and NGO’s

Working for a charity or non-governmental organization can also lead to exciting travel opportunities. Depending on your desired level of travel and your preferred charity, there are a plethora of options available to you. If you prefer to stay in one office all the time, you’ll likely focus on the policy side of things, whereas if you want to be on the ground (wherever that may be) you would focus more on the direct aid and relief positions.